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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

NEC to supply embedded DRAM for Xbox 360

NEC’s embedded DRAM technology will be incorporated in Microsoft's next-generation Xbox platform, the companies said today.

NEC’s eDRAM graphics chips are manufactured in the company’s 300mm wafer fabrication facility and are to play a key role in the Xbox graphics subsystem, the companies said today, promising to deliver stunning high-definition graphics to the gamer's experience.

“The next-generation Xbox platform will provide gamers with a highly advanced graphics experience,” said Todd Holmdahl, corporate VP of Microsoft’s Xbox product group, in a statement.

“NEC Electronics’ cutting-edge embedded DRAM technology plays a vital role in enabling our graphics engine's performance, while its manufacturing process provides a reliable resource that can deliver the volumes required to support what will be an extremely popular gaming platform,” he added.


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