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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Microsoft Releases Public Beta of Data Protection Manager

Microsoft has released the public beta of its disk-to-disk backup product, Data Protection Manager. The product is designed to make backups easier than simply backing up to tape. Disk-to-disk backup completes images in significantly less time, meaning much less downtime for systems during backups.

"Our whole goal with DPM is to shrink the operational costs associated with IT professionals having to manually recover lost data and manage cumbersome backup and recovery processes," says Ben Matheson, group product manager for DPM at Microsoft. "From what our early-adopter customers are telling us, DPM is doing that very effectively."

The controversial part of the product comes in with Microsoft partners such as Veritas and CA, which already offer backup solutions with Backup Exec and BrightStor. CA has said that they don't mind Microsoft's foray into the market, but Veritas has been noticeably quiet on the subject.

Keep an eye on this market in the future, as growing data volumes and growing needs for data retrieval from compliance regulations have made the disk-to-disk data protection market very appealing.


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