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Thursday, April 21, 2005

AOL Launches Major Campaign against Phishing

AOL has partnered with Cyota Inc. to identify and block access to suspected phishing sites through a continuous monitoring process.

When a possible phishing site is identified, AOL limits access to the site and informs members who attempt to visit it that it is suspected of being a dangerous site. In addition to sites that are fraudulently attempting to spoof pages of the service, AOL is also working to prevent access to fraudulent websites imitating other legitimate companies like banks, credit-card issuers, on-line auctions or on-line payment facilitators.

"These are sites that have all been reviewed by security staff and confirmed as likely phishing sites," AOL spokesman Andrew Weinstein said. "Blocking all access is a pretty aggressive step, but we want to aggressively protect our members from those sites."

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