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Sunday, March 27, 2005

FCC says you can’t get naked…DSL

The FCC’s just decided that you can’t get naked without paying a little extra, and we’re not making some dumb joke about the Super Bowl, either. BellSouth won a big decision on Friday when the FCC voted 3 to 2 that federal telecommunications laws do not require telcos to offer standalone DSL service. Apparently they didn’t like that state regulators in Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, and Louisiana had been forcing them to let subscribers sign up for DSL without signing up for a landline). Hey, the phone companies can do whatever they want (Qwest willingly offers naked DSL and Verizon says they’re planning to do the same later this year), but there are plenty of people these days who just want broadband and a cellphone and don’t see the need to pay an extra $20-$50 a month for a landline, so all BellSouth and the rest of the RBOCs are doing is giving us yet another reason to switch to cable Internet.

Source: Engadget


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