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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Another MSN Messenger Worm Attacks Users

Over the weekend MSN Messenger users were bombarded with messages to visit a web site that when visited, infected their computer with a virus.

The new worms making the rounds this week are known as Kelvir.a and Kelvir.b. The worm installs a file that opens a backdoor to your PC, allowing an attacker to gain access to your machine without your permission.

Kelvir spreads by messaging all users on your IM list to visit a link that contains a .pif ending. A Pif file or Program Information File, is a format that can store window settings for DOS applications. These settings include screen and font size. Today, .pif is the format choice for hackers when creating and distributing new worms.

In addition to Kelvir, a worm called Sumon.a is making its way around Peer to Peer networks and also works by spreading through MSN Messenger. Sumon tries to disable security software and edit a users HOSTS file to prevent access to popular web sites.

Users are strongly recommended to not visit any links without confirming they were sent legitimately from yours friends, and as always, keep your virus definitions up to date.

Source: andPOP


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