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Monday, February 21, 2005

Intel Increases P4's Cache

Intel announced Sunday several additions to its line of Pentium 4 processors, all of which include 2MB of secondary cache, twice that of the current line of P4 processors. Also included with the new chips is the same technology included in its mobile processor line, which is designed to limit power consumption.

The processors will range in speed from 3 to 3.6 GHz with an 800Mhz bus. The top of the line model will sell for $605 USD in lots of 1,000, with the lowest model coming in at $224 USD.

The new Pentium 4 chips will be the last of the single-core processors from Intel as the company moves towards dual-core chips.

"We accelerated this effort with the introduction of Hyper-Threading Technology three years ago and we're extending it by building multi-core processors," Robert Crooke, Intel vice president said. "Platforms based on Intel multi-core technology will provide the performance and responsiveness consumers and businesses need to get the most enjoyment and productivity from their applications."

While dual core processors will not be clocked as fast as single-core chips initially, or be able to maintain the fast pace of speed increases the single-core processor market has seen, they will be faster overall. The processor's two "brains" will allow it to handle more load and offer improved performance.

The new processors are available now to computer makers and the first PCs with the new Pentium 4 chips should make it to the market over the next several months.

Source: BetaNews


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