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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Google Searches Movie Listings

From GoogleBlog:

" Looking for a multiplex near you? Use "movie:" followed by a U.S. zip code or city/state to find theaters and showtimes in your area (a search for [movie: Mountain View, CA], for example, will show you what's playing near the Googleplex). You can also just search on "movies," "showtimes" or the title of a current film, and your top result will be movie-related info for your area (if you haven't already saved your location using Google Local, just fill in your U.S. zip code or city/state and click the "Get Showtimes" button). And for those on the go, movie showtimes are also available on Google SMS (send a text message to 46645 -- aka. GOOGL on most phones -- to look up showtimes for nearby theaters). "

The search market is witnessing intense competition, with leading players unveiling new, specialized search offerings in an effort to win market share. Google also recently unveiled a prototype of a service to search TV programming.

Google competitors Yahoo and Microsoft's MSN already have services for searching movie listings and related information.


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