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Thursday, December 16, 2004

iTunes Sells 200 Million Songs

Apple Computer Inc. on Thursday said sales of songs bought from its market-leading iTunes online music store had topped 200 million, a figure that was about in line with what some analysts had been expecting.

Since the store's launch in April 2003, the pace at which songs have been selling has accelerated, said Eddie Cue, Apple's vice president of applications for Cupertino, California-based Apple.

It took nearly a year to sell 50 million songs, and then four months to reach 100 million songs, which cost 99 cents each on the online store. It required three months for songs purchased to hit 150 million and then two months to reach 200 million songs, Cue said.

"It's not stronger than I expected," said Phil Leigh, an analyst at Inside Digital Media, said of the 200 million songs sold. "This is about what I expected based on the strength of iPod sales in their most recent quarter."

In Apple's fourth fiscal quarter ended Sept. 25, the company sold more than 2 million of its No. 1 iPod digital music players. Many analysts expect more than 4 million iPods to be sold in the current quarter, which includes holiday sales.

In July of this year, Apple iTunes music store hit the 100 million mark in songs purchased and downloaded.

Source: Reuters


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