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Monday, December 27, 2004

China Adopts New Internet Technology

A REPORT said that China claimed a "great leap forward" on future Internet technology after eight government bureaux said they would adopt CERNET2.

The People's Daily reported Wu Jianping, director of Cernet, as saying while China was a learner and follower in the development of the first wave of the Internet, CERNET2 is a "first mover" for the next generation.

The organ said CERNET2 connects 25 universities in 20 cities throughout China, with the backbone network flying along at between 2.5 to 10 Gigabits/per sec.
It claims a trial a month ago managed a speed of 40 Gigabits/per sec, using Internet Protocol Version 6.

But where China badly lags behind is on freedom of expression and freedom to browse Intenet sites. Several sites are routinely banned for general viewing, with politics governing those decision.

Source: TechSpot


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